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2018 in review…

So many things have happened in 2018 – too many things to list BUT there are a few things that I have learnt which I thought I would share with you!

Social Media.
It has been a year of growth in many ways! Personally as well as in social media. I am so thankful for any growth – it means learning and becoming bigger and better, being able to help people by making them not feel alone via this platform I created has been one of my biggest achievements. My blog and social media was started as an outlet, a way to bond and create relationships with like minded people and not only did that happen but I also fell into an “influencer” type pool where I now get to work with and alongside amazing businesses (many of whom are NZ Small Business – which is my passion) and PR companies and I love it. It is time consuming and hard work but more than worth it. 

I am good enough!
If you know me or have followed for long enough I don’t doubt you know, that at my core I am about spreading love, kindness and making people see that they are loved by more people than they realise. We are our own biggest critics and often that can be detrimental to our own personal growth. Others don’t see us that way and they easily see the positive so we should give ourselves a break and do ourselves a favour – look for the positives, the good parts and focus on those. That isn’t to say that we should ignore our downfalls because everyone can always be better  but this year has been a year of reflection and one of finding self worth. I have realised that I am good enough. I am better than I was giving myself credit for, I am caring, I am funny, I am more than enough. 

Find your people…
This is possibly one of the most important lessons of the year. Finding your tribe, people who are consistently lifting you up and reminding you that you are amazing. People who check in even if they have their own crap going on – people who don’t allow you to wallow for too long – a little, because that is actually healthy but then pull you out of your slump and push you back in the direction that is best for you – up! These people aren’t easy to come by – but, a few goodies are far better than many average ones! Sometimes it takes a while to find the best fit but I tell you, when you find them… you will know.

I could literally waffle on for ages about the things I have learnt, it has been a year of insight! But I will leave it there. Those are the 3 biggest things I have learnt and the 3 things I want everyone I love to learn about themselves if they don’t already. Heres to a year of growth and looking forward to a new year where we can all learn more about ourselves, those we love and be better <3

Lisa x

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