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Every child deserves a Birthday Cake…

Have you heard of Cakes for Kids – South Auckland? They’re a not for profit organisation providing underprivileged kids based in South Auckland the chance to experience their very own birthday cake. Recently my Mum, Brother and Sister created a couple of cakes for the cause. I wanted to share with you guys because 1, I know many of you are local to us and 2, spreading the word as far as possible about this amazing organisation is super important! (check out some of the pics of our cakes below!)

Cakes for Kids work along side School Start First Impressions (SSFI) – all of the cakes are baked for 5 year olds starting school.  SSFI provide the child with a ‘5KitBox’ which has stationary, school supplies and they even pay for the childs first year of school fees, provide them with a uniform and new shoes. How amazing is that!!

When SSFI gift the 5kitbox, they also throw a small party for the child and thats were Cakes For Kids comes in….
All of the cakes are donated by generous bakers. They give the baker the preferred theme and kids name and let them loose to create a master piece! The cake is then taken to SSFI headquarters in Pukekohe, matched up with the 5KitBox then taken to the child! Talk about an amazing initiative right?!

When my family put their hands up to help they were given 2 cakes, one for a Blaze mad wee man and one for an Elsa loving princess. Here are some pics both from behind the scenes and finished products!

Tracing images on paper to transfer the image outline onto icing.

Elsa Icing topper – hand painted!

Blaze icing topper – hand painted!

Starting to ice the Blaze Cake

Blaze cake complete!

Elsa cake complete <3

I would love if you could go and give Cakes for Kids a like on Facebook – link here! and spread the word about the amazing work they do alongside SSFI.

Love, Lisa x

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