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Wrapping Paper Bag Hack

Tried wrappig that ball? A teddy? What about a misshapen toy? – NEVER AGAIN!

All you need to make beautiful gift bags for gifts of all shapes and sizes is wrapping paper, scissors and sellotape! I have popped a video of how I did one in the Hack Highlight on my Instagram but have still shots and steps below!

Start with sellotape, scissors and your choice of wrapping paper.
Cut a piece of paper – make sure to measure around the gift you are planning on putting inside to make sure you have enough excess available.
Fold your paper from one side into the middle.
Fold the other side in with a 1-2cm overlap.
Sellotape up the seam from top to bottom.
Fold the bottom of the paper up (approx 10cm – but this also depends on the width of the bag).
Fold the edges of the bottom fold into the middle to create this diamond shape. This can initially be difficult but once you have done it once is a quick step.
Fold the top part of the diamond down to the center.
And the bottom up with a 1-2cm overlap and tape all of the edges.
You can now lift up your bag and open it up carefully with your hands from the inside. Fill it with whatever you want (remembering it is only paper so nothing too heavy!) and close with either a fold and tape or I like to use a hole punch to make holes and use ribbon and bows. Have fun!

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